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Dragons and Wizards

What if you could call down lightning bolts onto your enemies? What if you could battle dragons with an assortment of powerful spells? You can and you will in the latest VR experience being created for the HTC Vive on Steam VR.

Concepts, Software, and RedBull. All Systems Go!
rayBLAST-R | 15 May 2016

As I am listening to the 2005 Jade Empire soundtrack by Jack Wall on iTunes and writing this post, my mind is racing a million miles a second. Quite honestly, I have not been this excited about game development in a long time.

Exciting New VR Project by rayBLAST in Development
rayBLAST-R | 14 May 2016

After a somewhat short hiatus -well not exactly that short- rayBLAST is back in action on our latest endeavor; VR! Yes… that is correct! Virtual Reality. Hard to believe that Lawnmower Man is a reality in my lifetime. It is truly here in the form of the HTC Vive.