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More On Concept Art, Tools, and Apps
rayBLAST-R | 19 September 2016

pan_v2I most certainly love my Wacom tablet. I’ve used them for a long time now. And, I continue to use them as they tend to work very well. In terms of contrast, they work much better than trying to draw with a mouse for sure. However, they still fall short when compared to analog media of yesteryear.


Concept Art and Sketchbook Pro
rayBLAST-R | 9 September 2016

lizardmutantconceptSo I have been working on some concepts for the latest rayBLAST VR exploratory. I’ve decided to adopt Sketchbook Pro as my main concept art application. (more…)

Updating the Pipeline
rayBLAST-R | 7 September 2016

mudboxMudbox. I like it. I have a Z-Brush license, but I really like Maya LTs integration with Mudbox and vice versa. Bouncing between Mudbox/Maya/Unity has never been easier. (more…)