Concept Art and Sketchbook Pro

lizardmutantconceptSo I have been working on some concepts for the latest rayBLAST VR exploratory. I’ve decided to adopt Sketchbook Pro as my main concept art application. I’ve used traditional mediums in the past and much later digital solutions such as Painter and Photoshop. But, it always seemed like I was using a tool meant for something else. In fact, that is exactly what Photoshop is; a tool for something else. However, it does have the features to accommodate.

I have been on the lookout for something that I could use solely for concept art purposes. Something that had all the real world media somewhat figured out and distilled down to the essentials. Sketchbook Pro seem to be the exact tool I needed – coupled with a Wacom, it performs brilliantly.

More concept artwork will be available for viewing later. Much of the work is aimed at filling out a couple exploratory projects. My aim is to get some of this work in front of the right audience soon. That includes the public or anyone interested enough to visit this website.

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