Concepts, Software, and RedBull. All Systems Go!

MountainsAs I am listening to the 2005 Jade Empire soundtrack by Jack Wall on iTunes and writing this post, my mind is racing a million miles a second. Quite honestly, I have not been this excited about game development in a long time.

I mean I’m usually pretty passionate and for the most part articulate well on the game industry. So even during the times of being less passionate, I would say that it is more passionate than the average person off the street in regards to ludology in general. However, I am currently boiling over with ideas, thoughts, and anxiety.

dawn_of_the_robot_empireAfter going over to my friend’s place for his birthday party, he demonstrated the VR he was working on and his published game on Steam. Some of you may know him as Ian Dunlop of oeFun. The game I played was Dawn of the Robot Empire.

Needless to say, I was blown away at the full room VR experience of the HTC Vive headset and Ian’s efforts on Dawn of the Robot Empire. The enemies in the game looked like the robots envisioned by Hollywood in a bygone era of sci-fi/fantasy film making. It was reminiscent of Flash Gordon, The Rocketeer, Forbidden Planet, and The Day the Earth Stood Still in my opinion. The title is currently an Early Access Game on Steam. Check it out if you have a chance. It is well worth the coinage.

In any case, that experience has lit my imagination ablaze with endless 1941_the_wolf_manpossibilities. So much so that I find it difficult to even sleep. My schedule is already odd enough as it is and now this has put me on full tilt. Strange. Technology has this affect on me sometimes. Incredible technology even more so. Much like that of the wolfman from the classic B&W movies that seem somewhat whimsical these days, I find myself wandering the moonlit nights… well, more like pacing back and forth in my office running back to my laptop to record an idea.

I’ve created a quick demo of the first idea. I built out a terrain in UE4. Yes, I think for the technical needs of the concept, we will be using the Unreal Engine. I’ve been a longtime user and advocate of the Unity 3D engine, but UE4 just seems to fit better for this project and the tidbits of cleverness I have in mind. The terms are different from a business perspective but I think rayBLAST can live with those terms depending on the success of any title. I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, but it is good to always be mindful of what corner you may be painting yourself into, especially when running an indie game company.

RedBull_SugarFreeLastly, did I ever mention how much I like RedBull? Probably not. But, just to reiterate I do like RedBull SugarFree. It tastes rather okay for being a sugar free beverage. I don’t recommend having a pure diet reliant on RedBull. For a pick-me-up, it’s like grabbing a Super Star in Super Mario Bros. and mad-dashing it to the flag.

With that, I think I’ll end this update. Screenshots, concept art, and vids will be coming soon on some of the stuff I’ve mentioned. Oh, by the way, the image that is featured at the top of this post is actually an early representation of a level that was used in a VR setting. I was standing on the very top of one of those mountain-like structures looking down into the valleys. It’s hard to describe what that is like from a 2D depiction of the experience. My hope is to get as many people as I can excited about what the future holds in terms of VR.

This is really the next step in software entertainment products, education, and even therapy. Furthermore, the way people think about UX due to the advent of the iPhone, iPad, and smartphones is going to change again. It will evolve into something extremely powerful.

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