Updating the Pipeline

mudboxMudbox. I like it. I have a Z-Brush license, but I really like Maya LTs integration with Mudbox and vice versa. Bouncing between Mudbox/Maya/Unity has never been easier.

So as mentioned above, I shifted back to Unity in my pipeline for the game engine of choice. In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to use the Unreal engine. While I really like many of the features in Unreal, getting a project up and running on Unreal and the things you have to do in order to make VR work well, especially with the HTC Vive, was not trivial. I believe in the future, Unreal will become much easier to jump right in and develop. For now, I will stick with Unity.

mens_red_make_mine_marvel_characters_t_shirt_print_500-400-500Since my last post, Unity has made some significant updates and announcements. This also included the new tiers and flavors of Unity offerings. I’m sticking with the Pro version of course, but I think this was a pretty smart move on Unity’s part. They even showed that they listen to their community and adjusted the tiers based on feedback. I hold that in high regard. So for now make mine Marvel… I mean Unity. Some of you will know what I meant by that Silver Age comment. 😉

Today was an exciting day for technoflys™ (I trademarked the technoflys because I just coined that new word; it means people that gather or can be found swarming around technology – similar to barfly). Apple announced its iPhone lineup. But, before all that, my favorite game designer of all time graced the stage, Shigeru Miyamoto, to announce that Nintendo and Apple are partnering to bring Mario to the iOS platform. All I can say is that I seen that coming months ago. It just makes sense now doesn’t it. Many might say it does in hindsightsuper-mario-run-640x360, but I was pondering this very idea a few months back when I started seeing that the iOS platform had become the number one gaming platform in the world. So why not add the most significant gaming IP in the history of the world? Enter Mario. Amazing! I think the only other time I was this excited about a particular IP was when Disney announced a long movie lineup of all the Marvel characters ultimately concluding in the Infinity War.


Not to downplay the capabilities of the new iPhone 7. The cameras are amazing for such a small footprint. I am very impressed! This is enough to make me want to upgrade for sure. There is always a pattern of naysayers that explodes on the web after these announcements. The same thing happens with Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, etc. etc. However, the most outspoken critic usually ends up adopting the new technology, or buying the new game they proclaimed was subpar, or suggesting the very thing they fumed over to friends and family. I’ve seen it happen with Nintendo Wii in 2006 when so many called it a gimmick, Apple’s yesteryear announcements when the iPad was announced, or even today with VR headset reviews on YouTube.

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